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Campus Security



Our aim is to provide information and updates about novel coronavirus, 同时让我们的教师放心, staff, students, friends and visitors that measures are being taken to protect our campus community.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources


Please contact your healthcare provider, local clinic, urgent care facility or Pharmacy for vaccinations. You can also find immunization information at http://www.nvcovidfighter.org/


  • Authorized Covid-19 vaccines are effective.
  • 它们将保护您、您的家人和亲人免受Covid-19的严重疾病和死亡.
  • 如果足够多的内华达人接种疫苗,我们的企业、餐馆和学校就可以继续营业.
  • 广泛接种疫苗将终结这场大流行,就像终结天花、脊髓灰质炎和麻疹一样.


澳门新甫京娱乐游戏下载继续意识到COVID-19的持续健康问题以及可能影响我们教师的潜在变体, staff, students, 社区成员. 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏下载 will continue to work within the State, NSHE, 疾控中心和当地县市的指导方针来决定我们的协议和指导方针是否有任何变化. 请参阅您的具体课程大纲或与您的导师交谈,以了解有关课程格式和协议的具体信息.

Ensuring the Health of the Public Higher Education Community

On June 30, 2022, the Board of Regents approved a resolution 规定内华达州高等教育系统将继续遵守该州旨在确保教职员工安全工作场所和教育环境的任何健康和安全指令, staff, and students; and acknowledging the Presidents’ duty to provide leadership in the planning and implementation necessary for the safe and successful operation of their respective institution.


At its June 30, 2022, meeting the Board of Regents repealed its emergency COVID-19 vaccination policy. 然而,NSHE继续强烈鼓励学生和员工接种COVID-19疫苗. Learn more about where to get a vaccine here: www.immunizenevada.org.

Practice Social Distancing and Remain Vigilant

Local counties retain authority over COVID-19 social distancing, building, and event capacity requirements. NSHE institutions must continue to follow their local county directives.

We all still must remain vigilant and follow 适当的保健方案, including monitoring personal health and continuing healthy hygiene practices, as the fight against COVID is not over. COVID-19政策仍有可能修订,从而可能加强或放松缓解措施或限制.

在公共场所戴或不戴面罩是每个人的个人决定, 包括NSHE属性, 内外兼而有之. 每个人的选择, 不管它是什么, 应该不受任何批评吗, judgement, or retaliation.

Masks will continue to be provided for students and employees. 在埃尔科的澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载办事处,学生和员工可以免费进行COVID-19自我检测, Ely, 帕朗普和温尼姆卡.



继续保持良好的卫生习惯, 比如勤洗手, and disinfecting are strongly encouraged.


  • 所有学生和员工都有义务遵守要求诚实的行为准则和工作场所政策.
  • 学生或员工明知并故意违反本政策,可能会受到纪律处分.
  • 员工和学生有责任监测自己的健康状况,如果出现以下任何症状,不要去上班:发烧或发冷, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, 肌肉或身体疼痛, headache, 味觉或嗅觉新丧失, sore throat, 鼻塞或流鼻涕, 恶心或呕吐, and diarrhea. Please do not come to work if you are not feeling well. Employees must follow proper call off procedures in the event of illness.
  • Social or physical distancing is still encouraged, especially in crowded areas.
  • Sign-in sheets IN ALL BUILDINGS are still required to facilitate contact tracing.

澳门新甫京娱乐游戏下载致力于提供安全的教育和促进健康的环境,支持我们的学生的福祉, 教职员工. 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载将继续监测这一情况,并将继续提供最新的指导方针和建议,以帮助促进我们校园的健康和安全. 如果您对NSHE/澳门新甫京娱乐游戏下载的COVID-19政策有任何疑问,请发送电子邮件至 gbc-covid@farmersandbuilders.net.

在COVID-19大流行期间, NSHE has strictly adhered to all federal, state, and local directives to keep our community healthy and safe. NSHE will continue to follow this practice. Additional information and current guidelines can be found on the CDC website.



Travel Advisory for all Faculty, Staff and Students

澳门新甫京娱乐游戏下载要求校园社区的所有成员在选择旅行时要谨慎行事. Employees and students are strongly encouraged to check the U.S. 美国国务院的网页列出了目前在美国境外旅行前的限制和警告. 强烈建议决定在美国境内旅行的员工和学生与他们计划访问的每个州核实他们的COVID-19限制和政策. Employees traveling outside of the Country, shall follow all CDC Guidelines. They must notify their supervisor and human resources of their trip and return status. If, 他们在任何时候都开始感到不舒服, 发烧或有其他COVID-19症状,他们应该打电话给他们的医疗保健提供者或埃尔科县COVID-19热线. Students living in the dorms who travel, must contact the housing coordinator to advise him of their trip, and discuss how and where to self-quarantine if necessary.

With the Coronavirus (COVID -19) variant cases continuing to occur, it is important to take extra precautions and consider if you need to travel. 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 recommends before you make your travel plans please visit:

If at any time you feel ill for any reason flu, cold or possible virus please contact your medical provider. You should stay home when feeling ill, until your health care provider advises you it is safe to return to work or classes.

澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载管理部门每天都在监测情况,我们致力于安全提供教育,促进健康的环境,支持学生的福祉, 教职员工.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, 请留在家中,并通过电话与您的医疗保健提供者联系,以获得具体的护理建议. 如果您没有供应商,请通过电话联系您当地的紧急护理中心,以获得建议和测试.


For questions please contact the appropriate 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 department

E-mail: jennifer.stieger@farmersandbuilders.net

Phone: 775.327.2068
E-mail: advisor@farmersandbuilders.net

Phone: 775.327.2059
E-mail: admissions@farmersandbuilders.net

Financial Aid
Phone: 775.327.2099
E-mail: financial-aid@farmersandbuilders.net

Phone: 775.327.2090
学生相关问题电子邮件: student-accounts@farmersandbuilders.net
Accounts Payable and other Accounting related questions
E-mail: controller@farmersandbuilders.net

E-mail: gbc.vrc@farmersandbuilders.net

Campus Security
Phone: 775.934.4923

Campus Safety
Phone: 775.327.2354

Phone: 775.327.2348
E-mail: hr-payroll@farmersandbuilders.net

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